Cavities are a dreadful issue for anyone with a set of teeth. Having healthy teeth go hand in hand with having a good hygiene. I know it could get pretty annoying when you dentist is constantly telling to brush your teeth and floss but, there is a reason behind it and that is, to prevent cavities. In case you did not know, if a small cavity is not treated, as time goes by and your bad habits continue, these cavities will get bigger and bigger and guess what? You will probably lose your teeth thanks to that or if there is even a chance of saving them, then you will have to get a painful root canal treatment. Here are all the bad habits that will definitely contribute to your mouth being infested with cavities.

The most simple one, not brushing your teeth


I know you have heard this lots and lots of times but it is true. If you do not brush your teeth, then bacteria will start to accumulate in your teeth and these bacteria will start to make an environment that is perfect for cavities to start appearing.

Having too many sweet treats


This habit’s consequence is also very well known. Sugar is your teeth’s first enemy and it is obvious that the more sweets you have, the higher the chance of getting cavities, specially, if you don’t brush your teeth on top of having a really sweet tooth.

Don’t think of your teeth as part of a tool box

It is true that your teeth are designed differently for when you are eating but, this does not mean that you are going to use your teeth as bottle openers. You can damage your teeth when you use them for things like ripping tape or to open bottles and weak teeth mean a door is open for bacteria to grow. Even doing things that you consider to be harmless, like eating ice can do lots of damage to your teeth, so you better start being aware of the objects you put in your mouth.

I think one of the best habits you can have is to visit your dentist at least twice a year whether it is for checkups or to get rid of any issues you may have in your mouth, you need to visit your dentist constantly. Since I want you to get the best dental treatment there is around, I definitely recommend you check out oradentistry. I can guarantee you; you will not be disappointed when it comes to getting the best dental attention.


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