Getting engaged is so much fun for some people. Some people even find it as an opportunity to get super creative! Just look at all those awesome engagement videos you can find around the internet and YouTube! Engagement rings are such a beautiful part of the whole engagement process. I mean, without any ring, there is just no room for an engagement so; you have to make sure you choose the perfect and most awesome ring you could find for your significant other! Now, in case you did not know, just like with wedding dresses, there are trends when it comes to rings as well. So, here are the most ringed about trends for this upcoming year so you can be on top of them if you are planning on getting engaged in 2017.

We know, there is nothing new about a halo setting but…


You might be surprised this 2017 when it comes to halo settings because new and exciting ones are expected to rise up so, you could kind of say that new and reinvented versions of an old classic are expected to come for 2017.

Make way for bold colors in 2017


If you were more into the classic shaped silver diamond ring up until now, well, then it is time you start opening your mind because, this year you will be letting a bit of color into your life! 2017 is all about making eyes turn will color blasted engagement rings. I mean think about it, if your ring was already beautiful enough, imagine you accentuate this beauty with a touch of color? You will just be having the Perfect Engagement Ring.

Black is back!

Now, I am back at it again with the bold colors. I mean, I completely respect people that opt for the classic diamond look but if you want to stand out, then go for black diamonds. Not only are they beautiful but they also accentuate the attractiveness of your engagement ring and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that right?


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